New Earth Trading Intimate Earth Foaming Toy Cleaner 100 ML More
New Earth Trading Intimate Earth Foaming Toy Cleaner More

Intimate Earth Foaming Toy Cleaner

Intimate Earth Foaming Toy Cleaner

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Green Tea Tree Oil Foaming Toy Cleaner from Intimate Earth safely and thoroughly cleans all plastic, silicone, glass and stainless steel toys, without the use of Triclosan, paraben, alcohol or other harsh chemicals. Guava Bark extract - a natural astringent - adds extra benefits. Directions: remove batteries if applicable. Pump toy cleaner onto clean cloth and wipe surface. Rinse without getting battery compartment wet. To extend life of toys, clean regularly.

Customer Reviews

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Always leads to more!

Turn down the lights and break out the Intimate Earth Massage oil. Allows my husbands hands to sensually glide across my skin, we massage naked and I love the feeling of his body smoothly gliding across me as I lay on my front. It’s aroma is sexually intoxicating, it doesn’t take long before that back rub heats up, and the oil isn’t the only thing that is slick anymore and he’s sliding it in from behind.

Oh w.
Massage oil.

This stuff is amazing. My wife loves a massage and without the oil, my hands are too rough. As I apply this all over her body, the aroma just drives me wild. I don’t know what is in the stuff, but as I am massaging, I just have to go down. Then I enjoy pounding my woman like a mad man. I don’t think it is an aphrodisiac product, but it sure works for me. The product seems to go pretty fast and we are on our second bottle already.

I would buy this again

I was first concerned about the price of it thinking how long it would last but you dont need much and it has a great smell to it not over powering. Even on a man it smells great but I love rubbing it on my wife and she likes to use it also. We have used it now about 6 times on private areas. It doesnt make a mess of the sheets cause it does soak into the skin and it being all natural its very good for the skin. The only complaint would be that the bottle doesnt seal completely so you need to wipe it down or have something for the bottom to sit on. The last suggestion remember it is an oil so it doesnt taste great so plan your love making with that in mind. I just wish the company would make a tighter lid so it cant leak but if you plan to travel put a peace of plastic and tighten down the lid then it shouldnt leak.


Pros I like this toy cleaner. The clear spray cleaners might work but I cant really tell for sure. I like to know my toys are actually clean. Cons Nothing


Cleans well, doesnt leave an odor or a residue. I highly recommend this cleanser.

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