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Keeps my package firm and engorged. Excellent elasticity and tightness.

Very satisfied with this product.

Swiss Navy Lube Silicone

Rechargeable vibrating sucker

Very sensational and best stimulation I've experienced.
Not as decrete a little noisy

Great introduction toy at a great price! 💚

This is my first suction, tap and mechanical licking toy. I have problems orgasming in general and have gotten numb to normal vibrators, both bullet and pinpoint flickering. I wanted to try something that would help me in a way that was gentler on my clit mimicing something my partner could do. Training my body so I can enjoy oral to its fullest potential and help my partner get me there without any toys.
The licking is my least favorite. Cool to break up the sensations just not of fan on the rigid motion. More back and forth instead of free flowing vibration.
The tap is very soft even on high, works extra well once aroused and also great to break up the sensations.
The suction is the coolest, best featured in my opinion. It got me there pretty quick, made me slow down and enjoy the build up and gives me intense orgasms. I'm totally a fan.

My girlfriend absolutely LOVED it!!

Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Water Based Lubricant - 8.5 Oz. Fragrance Free


I have been satisfied immensely by my BF for 5 years and will be spending 8 or more months away from him. I was going insane by the second month and decided I needed something to try and ease my suffering. I bought 3 toys total, but this one....let me tell you....I don't even look at the other 2 toys now. This one is allowing me to feel what I have felt my BF doing to me all this time. I am so happy I have this rose, and I can not wait to try this out with him, to see if it is pleasurable in certain areas for him as well as have him use it on me!
Also a huge thank you to the support team! The cord wasn't charging my rose and when I told them, they got me a new one in just a couple of days! I am beyond happy with the rose and the service from Orchid! Thank you guys!

INYA The Rose Rechargeable Suction Vibe
Kelly M.

It’s phenomenal! I just wish it would stay charged longer

7 Inch wonder

Wonderful toy. Size is perfect


I love my Lovense lush 3.0! I love the earth quake mode!

Vixen Halter Lace Dress & G-String Teal Queen Size
Becky R.

Vixen Halter Lace Dress & G-String Teal Queen Size

Heyyyyyyyy big fella

I love it but the only part the sucks is when it gets too wet the suction part doesn’t hold too well in the shower but that’s my only hang up!

The ferrari of vibrating plugs

This thing is top of the line! Nice build, nice magnetic charger. Rimming and internal vibration motors. Easy to clean... I would highly recommend this!

Quality plug not scary!

My partner was a beginner and this plug worked great for them. The weight makes it feel better in a way that I do not have the words for. 10/10 excellent plug

Beautiful Finish and gets you to the finish

Le Wand does it right. This thing looks, performs great, and is small enough that it works well for couples play during intercourse. 5/5 Would recommend

Luxe Lille
Real u.
Luxe Lillie Review

This is my 2nd one. Love them. By far my fav 😍

Colt Weighted Ring


Her Royal Harness The Queen Size - Black

Just bought it for the shorts honestly. Very happy!

Cock Sheath Penis Extender

I love this product that gives me such confident and to feel the weight of massive penis hanging between my legs. I haven't yet tried this extender on any sexual event, I got out of bad marriage and don't want to be attached to any human yet. Anyways, I am pretty excited to use this product soon and just wearing it around the house is fun too seeing in mirror, just walk around with low hanging massive long penis hitting on my inner thigh? I'm about average sized but now I can feel how you were lucky to be hanged. I also enjoy wearing it to just see how I feel it while I am shopping or doing stuff.