The Future is Gender-Neutral

by Alex Miller

The Future is Gender-Neutral

No matter where and how they are being used, gender pronouns create discrimination between individuals. An ever-growing percentage of people around the world want to put an end to the usage of gender-related naming conventions.

Twitter Started the Gender-Neutral Movement

The #genderneutral hashtag on Twitter caused a snowball effect, and now even governments are taking action for the Gender-Neutral movement. Some celebrities like Julia Roberts shared Gender-Neutral photos from their personal accounts to show their support to the action.

Julia Roberts In Front of Gender Neutral Bathroom Instagram

Julia Roberts shared a Gender-Neutral restroom photo on her Instagram account and wrote; "I wish they all said this"

No More Gendered Terms in California

California Flag With Rainbow Background

Last week in Berkeley California, The City Council adopted the first reading of the new ordinance for gender-neutral terms. According to the ordinance, gendered terms are going to be replaced with gender-neutral ones. For example, “manholes” will be referred to as “maintenance holes.” firemen” will be “firefighters,” “man-made” will be “artificial” and all instances of “men and women” will be replaced by the inclusive term, “people.” In addition to these, words with “he and she” will also be replaced with the gender-neutral term “they”.

City Council member Rigel Robinson states that changing the city code will cost a lot, but as he sees it, “language has power.” This transformation will affect almost thirty gendered terms.

According to Berkeley City Manager Dee Williams-Ridley “In recent years, broadening societal awareness of transgender and gender-nonconforming identities has brought to light the importance of non-binary gender inclusivity.”

School Uniforms in Wales Will Be Gender-Neutral

New uniforms guidance of The Welsh government states that, by the start of the new academic year in September, schools should not have different uniform requirements for boys and girls.

The new guidance, published on July 10, directs: “A governing body will state the composition of its school uniform and ensure an inclusive school uniform policy that does not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender identity.”

Microsoft Office Word Has A Gender-Neutral Language Setting

Microsoft Office Word provides a gender-neutral language setting to reduce gender stereotypes and discrimination. You can find it under the tools in spelling and grammar. Some languages such as Turkish lack gendered pronouns altogether and use the following words “Ben = I, Sen = You, and O= It" and the plural forms “Biz = We, Siz = You, and Onlar =They

Gender-Neutral Pronouns at Schools

In the US, some summer camps and schools are using pronouns instead of genders (including gender-neutrals) for registration.

Orchid Toys is Gender-Neutral

Group of silhouetted people with heart rainbow color overlay

As Orchid Toys, our main motto is to be respectful to everyone. We are all humans and we believe that gender is not a way to identify a person. Orchid toys feels pleasure is a basic human right no matter how you identify yourself. Here at Orchid Toys, we try to back up our talk with action so a portion of the proceeds of every sale goes to fund the LGBTQ+ charity supporting the INSTITUTE FOR LGBT HEALTH AND WELLBEING INC and the Trans focused charity GLOBAL ACTION FOR TRANS EQUALITY INC".

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