Sex During Pregnancy

by Alex Miller

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

One of the most common questions is being asked by the couples is “is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?”. The answer is “yes and no”.

If you are having a healthy pregnancy and if you and your partner are mutually in a monogamous relationship, it is safe to have sex. If you are carrying multiple babies or having problems ( vaginal bleeding or if you have cervical issues ) and if you had any problems in a recent pregnancy (miscarriage or premature birth), it is recommended you abstain from sex.

Male hand on pregnant female belly

Can Sex During Pregnancy Harm My Baby?

Your baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid and strong muscles which are enough to protect your baby under normal circumstances. Be realistic while pregnant and don’t attempt acrobatic positions or positions that include fall risk like sex in the shower, although the sex itself may not harm the baby a fall or accident could.

Should I Use a Condom During Pregnancy?

So far, there is only one recorded case about getting pregnant while being pregnant, it is so rare it should not be of any concern. To get pregnant while already pregnant there would have to be something wrong causing your body to still produces eggs during pregnancy. While pregnant you don’t need to use a condom. If your partner has other sex partners or you fear that they might, you should use a condom to avoid STD infection.

Can Sex During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no direct connection between sex and miscarriage. Miscarriage usually happens when the fetus is not developing normally.

Which Positions Are the Best for Sex During Pregnancy?

This also depends on the individual and which positions make you feel most comfortable. Most of the positions are still do-able but the ones that putting weight on the pregnant partner may make her feel uncomfortable.

Can I Use Sex Toy During Pregnancy?

If your sex toy is clean and sanitized, we encourage it! You may notice with increased blood flow to the vulva that orgasms are even easier to achieve while pregnant.

Is It Normal That I Don’t Want to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy your hormones fluctuate dramatically. If you don’t want to have sex during pregnancy, it is totally normal. These changes also very from trimester to trimester and some women who are disgusted by the idea of sex in their first trimester find themselves very aroused during their second trimester. If you find yourself repulsed by the thought of sex the key in any healthy relationship is communicating this feeling with your partner.

Can I Masturbate During Pregnancy?

Absolutely! Orgasms help to stimulate and strengthen the inner muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor and can provide an easier delivery during childbirth.

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