Beginner's Guide to Prostate Stimulation

by Alex Miller

Prostate Stimulation For More Intense Orgasms

Sex acts don’t have orientations, so don’t stress about that. If you’re new to prostate play, I’d recommend starting with a manual massager like something Aneros makes rather than anything that vibrates. Ok, so the quick rundown on prostate stimulation. The prostate is the gland responsible for producing the bulk of seminal fluid it is intricately tied to the sexual response of people with prostates. You can stimulate the prostate either externally by massaging the perineum, or for the most direct stimulation you’ve got to go in anally.

How to Effectively Stimulate The Prostate

So if you’re new to anal play, the first thing to know is how to go about that safely. Start slow, start small, and take your time. Always best to start with just a finger or two to get used to things. Make sure your nails are well trimmed a filed so there are no sharp edges. Go to the bathroom to empty yourself out and take a long hot shower/bath to clean up and relax. Use plenty of a high-quality lube, We are big fans of Pjur Backdoor Anal Silicone Lube.

One perk to starting with your fingers is that it can help you learn where your prostate is. Remember, everyone’s body is slightly different, so what works for one person might not work for you. It might be easier to find if you’re already aroused. Watch some porn, masturbate a bit, and then reach in. If you reach in about 2-3 inches past the anus and angle your finger towards the front of your body (using the same sort of “come hither” motion that people recommend for G-spot stimulation in people with vaginas), you should be able to find your prostate. It’ll feel like a walnut sized area of the rectal wall that feels firmer than anything around it.

Once you’ve found your prostate, you can massage it with your fingers to get used to what that stimulation feels like. As you get used to it and decide to explore using more mechanical prostate massagers, you can look at getting tools like the Viceroy Agility Probe, an Aneros massager, or a vibrating massager like the Lelo Hugo. All the different tools have their own pros and cons, and it’s really all down to finding what works for you.

Viceroy Agility Probe with uniquely curved shaft in silicone color blue

Some people can get to a point where they can orgasm solely through prostate stimulation. But even beyond that, stimulating the prostate during a regular masturbation session makes orgasms more intense.

Prostate stimulation is also at its best when you give yourself a lot of time for a session. This isn’t really something that’s great for just quickly jerking off in a few minutes. Give yourself about an hour to really get into it.

Never use a desensitizing lube. You need to feel if something hurts, because it shouldn’t. If something hurts, then you’re not using enough lube, going too fast, need to relax, or are using something larger than you should. Listen to your body and do what feels good.

Also, if you look up Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure For Men, that movie starts with a superb info session for people who are new to this.

-Alex Miller

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