Adam & Eve Anal Training Kit

Adam & Eve Adam & Eve Anal Training Kit Anal Toys

Adam & Eve Anal Training Kit

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Graduate from booty beginner to anal expert with Adam & Eve's Anal Training Kit! Three different sizes of soft black TPR plugs let you start off small and work your way up to big anal pleasure. Each features a tush-tapping tapered tip and a stretchy retrieval ring for thrusting and quick removal. Small: 2.25" x 1". Medium: 2.75" x 1.25". Large: 3.25" x 1.5". Soft and supple for comfortable wear. Tapered tips make entry easy. Stretchy safety rings. 5 Year Warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Took him over the top

Added this little toy to our night of all goes, brought my husband pure pleasure and delight. A great buy and a lot of fun


Where do I start. First it has a little bit of everything you need to explorer for days The vibrator strenght is trembling The different sleeve I will have to say what you into at the moment. I won’t say much but get this kit Couple or not. I’m single and had great time..

Great, but be aware..

The toy was great. Measure your expectations, though the movement range is enough to feel and provide an exciting new experience, but its not going to just do the work for you while you stick it on the wall kinda like vibration does for you a sensation, but not like a full machine. Still, very nice and worth the money. The size is on the larger end of medium, where going any larger leads you into the huge stuff that most people cant handle. Its gonnna be large but not insurmountable for new people, and just right for experienced people. The material, the ridges its all nice. The effect it has from having a large head and large mid-section makes it incredible for anal, varying the width as you go. Be aware of two things, though I tried NiMh batteries and they wouldnt fit eneloops, so I think rechargeables are out of the question many are SLIGHTLY larger. Alkalines fit, but the ones I had tried were not new and had enough power to drive a POWERFUL vibration, but not enough to properly drive the thrust. The effect was that it would occasinally stop thrusting when it reached its short spot, and putting any sort of load on it trying to use it for its intended purpose caused the thrusting to stop exactly as if it was broken. I was disappointed and almost returned the thing, assuming that if the vibration was so strong, then the batteries were obviously good and the thrust must be bad. This might also mean its going to need fresh batteries a lot, which is to be expected when you see how powerful this thing can be. I cant speak for its longevity, and 80 is getting up there, but its a thrill.


interesting This is a package with all that you need and more Like the color

Anal training

Ive had a couple painfuland unpleasant experiences with anal that have made me quite hesitant in taking part. However, my guy likes it and weve tried it a couple times and it definitely takes some getting used to. It takes me a hot minute before I feel normal after lol. It was recommended I try playing with different toys to get my body more accustomed to anal. I saw your training kit and read the reviews so I figured this was a good time to try it out. I had a promo code to from you guys. Tonight was the first time I play around with them and they were SUPER comfortable and very pleasant and easy to use. I like that they offer different sizes so I can work my way up. Im going to surprise my guy when im more comfortable with anal. My experience overall was very very good thank you

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